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Partner Spotlight | Lani Fogelberg

Partner Spotlight | Lani Fogelberg

Lani Fogelberg is the New Zealand Manager at Credit One, based out of their Auckland Head Office.  Lani is passionate about negotiating the best outcome for Credit One’s clients and enjoys being involved in their businesses and helping them grow sustainably.

She has been working in finance for nearly a decade with a drive and enthusiasm that has quickly resulted in her becoming one of the rising stars of the industry, specifically in the area of plant, machinery and vehicles.

Here, Lani shares her thoughts on achieving good outcomes for others, alternative finance and diversification.

How long have you been a broker and in your profession?

My time in financial services spans nearly a decade now and it was in 2012 I joined the Credit One Group, when we first launched in the New Zealand market.

What attracted you to the industry and which areas do you specialise in?

I am hugely passionate about negotiating great outcomes for clients which enable them and their businesses to prosper, and it’s through a consultative approach to finance that our team and I are able to achieve this. The beauty of being the intermediary between client and financier is having the ability to source exactly what they need across a range of finance products, as well as conduct some serious problem-solving that they wouldn’t necessarily have the time, knowledge or impetus to carry out themselves. We have developed Credit One to cater not only for businesses of all sizes, but for the three key debt requirements businesses have – asset or business acquisition, refinancing and working capital, which means the number of outside consultants our clients have to deal with can be kept to a minimum.

How have you helped your clients with Spotcap’s services?

It has been extremely rewarding to see how Spotcap’s funding has enabled our clients to leapfrog their businesses forward in different ways, whether that be to bridge a gap in the funding of equipment or stock coming from overseas or help fund expansion without compromising their existing lines of credit.

What’s been your experience writing business loans with Spotcap?

The consistency in what information is required in order to receive a credit decision is just one aspect of Spotcap’s application process that makes it simple for intermediaries like us and clients alike. What you wouldn’t necessarily expect from a Fintech-based financier is the flexibility to allow for the little nuances seen from client to client, however in our dealings with Spotcap’s analysts they’ve exhibited that flexible mindset which makes the chance of getting transactions across the line that much more possible.

Do you think it’s important for brokers to diversify with alternative lenders?

I’ve always considered it vital that finance is considered not as single transactions, but as a long-term or three-dimensional strategy for both individuals and business, and the reality is that financial requirements can change significantly over time due to myriad internal and external factors. If a broker is not equipped with all the right tools in their toolkit they quite simply aren’t going to be in the absolute best position to serve their clients.

How would you describe working with the team at Spotcap?

Knowledgeable and friendly analysts are backed up by local support which is always able to be called on. We’re a relationships business so having a great team behind the product is paramount to achieving outcomes.

If you have worked with other business lenders, how does Spotcap compare?

Spotcap is certainly at the forefront of how to make transacting easy compared to more traditional lenders, and I believe the main contributing factor to this, aside from their obvious use of technology, is that just one effective, clearly-defined product is being offered. It’s the old adage of not trying to be something they’re not, or not trying to be everything to everyone.

Is there a need for Spotcap’s service to help finance small and medium-sized businesses?

Spotcap offers a solution to SMEs not previously available with such competitive pricing, speed or flexibility, which means there almost isn’t any business experiencing growth who couldn’t benefit from what they offer.

Source: https://www.spotcap.co.nz/partner-blog/partner-spotlight-lani-fogelberg-from-credit-one/

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