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*applicable to cars, caravans, motorhomes and motorbikes only, under 10 years old and above $20,000

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Buying a new car?

Monday, 12 January 2015

Buying a new car?

Look out for the special 0% or low interest promotions that are frequently offered by dealers over summer in an attempt to attract more people into the dealership over what is a typically quiet period for them.

On the face of it, a low interest rate seems too good to pass up, right? But in reality, these low rates are achieved by the dealer offering finance at a loss, and being reimbursed by the manufacturer so that they still make a good margin on the car. In these scenarios, there is usually no negotiation on the sale price of the car, so it’s the dealer that wins in this situation, not the buyer.

Talk to us before you walk into the dealership offering a deal like this; we’ll still offer you a competitive interest rate and when you’re approved with us, you can then negotiate on the price of the car as if you’re a “cash” buyer. You’ll be surprised at how much you can save this way!