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Business Finance FAQS

  • Q. What is the difference between Credit One and my bank?

    Credit One is able on many occasions to get lower rates than if you were to go directly to your bank. This is because we have built solid relationships with the banks and financiers so they are able to offer us rates lower than their standard rates. We also take you through every step of the way. One of the great benefits of using Credit One is that once you use our services once we have everything on record and it makes the future transactions simple and pain free, whereas with your bank they will always ask for things that just don’t seem necessary or questions that they have already asked in the past.

  • Q. What is the process?

    After taking your application over the phone or receiving an online application, we obtain Privacy Act authority and carry out a number of internal checks and assessments, before processing and submitting your application to one of our financiers. Whether an answer is obtained almost immediately or it takes a bit longer, we keep you fully informed along the way.

  • Q. How long with this process take?

    Once we have everything that we require from you, we have an answer back from the financier within 1 - 48 hours, meaning we can often be out meeting you to sign documents on the same day. The size and complexity of the transaction can impact this service standard.

  • Q. Do you need my financials?

    Depending on the asset you're buying, time you've been in business and your credit history, financials may not be required.

  • Q. How are you paid?

    Banks and finance companies will pay us based on several factors including the amount of support we give to them. There are often no charges to you however if there are, they will be full disclosed prior to any finance proceeding.

  • Q. Can I pay weekly, fortnightly or monthly?

    Most commercial loans are structured with monthly repayments, however weekly or fortnightly payments may be possible in some cases. Your finance consultant will discuss the options with you.

  • Q. Can I make additional payments?

    You can, although in most cases this will only place your repayments in advance and not reduce the interest; your finance consultant will advise the process that's specific to your contract.

  • Q. Do I have to pay the fees upfront or can I finance them?

    Most people choose to build any fees into their repayments, however they can be paid upfront.

  • Q. Do I have to buy from a dealer?

    No, you can also purchase from a private vendor. We will advise and undertake the necessary steps to ensure the transaction is carried out smoothly.

  • Q. Can you organise insurance for me?

    Yes, in many cases we can, if not we have business partners who can assist.

  • Q. How old can the goods be?

    Due to the wide range of lenders we work with, we are able to have goods of almost any age approved.

  • Q. Is there a fee if I decide not to go ahead?

    No, we don't charge any fee to you for our services. If in the very rare circumstance that we do, we will provide a letter of mandate for your acceptance prior to commencing any work.

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