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NZ Trucking’s interview – Trucking Industry Show

Monday, 26 March 2018

NZ Trucking’s interview – Trucking Industry Show

Carl Kirkbeck: Hey guys, so here we are at the 2018 Trucking Show, at the A & P showgrounds here in Christchurch. We’re here at the moment with Credit One, we’ve got Lani with us today.

Lani Fogelberg: Hi!

Carl: So Lani, Credit One! What’ve we got?

Lani: At Credit One, we’re a team of finance brokers. You might wonder what the difference is between a finance broker and a finance company – the key difference is that a finance broker explores all of the different the finance options for you so if you’re looking at buying one of the great rigs you’ve got here today, rather than just being pigeonholed into the offering the bank can give you, which might be unsuitable for you and your business, we look at all the options that are available so that you can get the most out of your cash flow, the most out of your business, and most of all, leave it all up to us!

Carl: Fantastic! But I mean, like a guy coming in here looking at even just a new trailer, if he’s already got the truck?

Lani: Yes!

Carl: Anything?

Lani: Yes, that’s exactly right. So, whether you’re looking to buy the tractor unit individually, you know – you might just have a change in your contract and need to replace your trailer – it’s all something that we can look at.

Carl: And always happy to look at refinancing someone who’s already got existing finance?

Lani: Yeah, that’s it. So if you’re looking to get better value out of your financial arrangements, that’s also something that we can look at. So, say for example you’re not happy with the service that you’re receiving or you think that you’re paying too much, we’re always happy to go through and review the financial arrangements. If it’s not worthwhile changing over, we won’t put you into an arrangement that’s not worthwhile. If it is, then we can do that.

Carl: Fantastic! Well, there you go guys, Credit One. Come and see Lani and the team, stand number…

Lani: Fourteen!

Carl: Fourteen! (both laugh) Catch you next time.