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Safety tips for truck drivers

Tuesday, 28 November 2023

Safety tips for truck drivers

Driving a truck is not like operating a Class 1 car. It requires a different set of skills and knowledge to ensure both efficiency and safety on the road. In this blog, we will guide you through the crucial driving tips that prioritize safety and ease your commute. Let’s explore the key factors and tips that help you drive safely!


Before You Drive

1. Perform pre-trip inspection

Before you get on the road, make sure you inspect your truck. This includes checking the tires, brakes, lights, windscreens, fuel levels, water levels, etc, and ensuring everything is in good working condition.


2. Weather check

Always check the weather before you start your travel. Additionally, you should be prepared for any weather changes that can occur while traveling, as they might significantly impact your trip. If possible, please change to another route to avoid the hazardous weather. If you can’t change the route, preparing for the worst is important. Specifically, make sure you use snow chains when it’s snowing and have rain gear when it’s heavy rainy outside.


3. Get yourself comfortable

Make sure you adjust your seat to your comfort before you go on your journey. In addition, don’t forget to adjust your mirror according to your needs to eliminate blind spots. Also, dress comfortably so that it won’t restrict your movement.


4. Don’t forget your driver’s license

To drive in New Zealand, you must bring your driver’s license all the time with you. So please double-check, you have it with you before driving.


When You on the Road

1. Follow the road rules

When driving the truck, you must obey the traffic rules, including wearing your seat belt, not using the phone when driving, always using turn signals in advance, avoiding distractions, etc.


2. Keep a safe distance

Due to the truck’s size and weight, normally it needs a longer distance to stop completely. Given that, the truck driver should always keep a longer following distance. Specifically, you can adhere to the ‘one-second rules’ to maintain a safe following distance while driving your truck. For example, if your truck is 50 feet long, please try to leave at least a 5-second gap.


3. Keep a safe speed

One of the most important tips for driving safely is to drive at a safe speed on the road, especially when you drive a truck and go downhill. By obeying the speed limit, you give yourself enough time to react and control your car safely.


4. Anticipate traffic flow

Always observe and anticipate the traffic flow when you driving. Since trucks take longer to stop, it’s important to be ready and stop safely if you see traffic ahead. Don’t forget to use your mirrors to observe the environment around you. Being aware and expecting what might happen will help you drive more safely.


5. Be aware of your blind spots

Remember to check your mirrors to see if any vehicles enter your blind pots. If it’s possible, you can install additional mirrors to improve visibility surrounding your truck.


6. Practice defensive driving skills

Drive defensively is another important tip for driving safely. It means you should always stay alert and aware of your surroundings. Specifically, you should keep an eye on the road ahead for sudden lane changes, merging traffic, or other unexpected changes.


7. Fewer lane changes

Making fewer lane changes while driving on the road is another way to reduce the risk of car accidents.  It means you should try to stay in the same lane as much as possible, rather than weaving in and out of traffic all the time. Of course, you need to change lanes sometimes, but make sure to use your turn signals and stay alert to your surroundings.


Safety matters, and so does your financial journey. Beyond safety tips, Credit One offer tailored truck finance options. Looking to upgrade your truck or start over? Apply now and turn your dreams into reality!